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The Vision Helicopter Tour - 22 Mins

Dubai Police Academy
Duration: 22 Minutes
From AED 1,045 940

Enjoy an exciting 22 Minutes trip to the Dubai's heritage and iconic sites. This unusual and exciting experience results in the memory of a lifetime, the most fantastic photographic opportunities, and truly spectacular helicopter ride.


  • This tour does not have pick up and drop off
  • Check in 45 min prior to departure
  • No baggage allowed to be carried on board
  • Clear copy of passport or ID is required on the day of flight for all passengers
  • Children less than 03 years are not allowed

Tour Routing: Take off from Dubai Police Academy Helipad. The Palm, The World Islands, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai's Famous Beach Corniche, Dubai Creek, Heritage Village, The Trade Souks, Dubai's Wind Towers & Mosques.

Helicopter Type: Eurocopter AS 350 B3 (capacity of 4 passengers / Maximum Weight 450 KG)

Additional Information for Covid-19

  • Passengers are required to adhere to staff instructions and abide to all COVID-19 precautionary measures.
  • Passengers are to wear protective masks at all times within the heliport premises.
  • Avoid crowding in the heliport premises & respect social distancing of 1.5m
  • All passengers are required to undergo temperature check at the Heliport Entrance prior to entry into the lounge.
  • Passengers will be provided gloves prior to boarding.
  • We reserves the right to cancel the flight if passengers show any COVID-19 related symptoms.

Standard Terms & Conditions

  • All Passengers to complete Passenger Declaration Form prior to flight.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event of poor weather conditions or other external factors out of our reasonable control, the flight may be cancelled at short notice, without any charges being applied to the client. Flights can be re-scheduled as agreed, otherwise a refund will be issued.
  • Passenger Identification: Due to official regulations in the UAE, passengers are obliged to present official identification when checking in for their flight.
  • Weight and Balance: Passengers' weight will be checked prior to their flight due do helicopter weight and balance regulations and restrictions.
  • Aircraft capacity limited to 4 passengers (Family/Groups) per flight.
  • Children above 2 years are allowed to fly.
  • Dress Code: Clients are recommended to dress in comfortable and respectful clothes. Swimwear is not allowed. Due to headphone use, earrings can be worn at the passenger's sole risk.
  • Passenger and Baggage Safety and Security:
    • Passengers will be subject to security control as per GCAA regulations. Baggage / large bags/purses are not allowed on board the helicopter and must be left at the designated lockers.
    • Have hand baggage limited to personal effects (i.e. essential items only).
  • Photography and Video Shooting: Due to security policies, HD camcorders or cameras with telephoto lens greater than 400mm are not permitted to be carried on board the helicopter unless proper written approvals, issued by the Dubai authorities are presented to Pilot. Casual tourist photography and video is allowed. The Pilot has the final authority.
  • Passengers must arrive 45 minutes before the flight for check- in
  • Flight Route and Duration: Flight routes and duration are subject to change due to Air Traffic Control regulations or other unexpected factors beyond our reasonable control.

A. Social Distancing - Lounge

  • Compliant to Dubai Municipality Guidelines
  • Social Distancing Posters and Ground Stickers
  • "Do not Sit" Stickers placed on alternate seats
  • Precautionary measures included in Safety Briefing
  • Acrylic glass barrier at customer service counter
  • Stop markers placed in front of photographer desk
  • Temperature checks mandatory for all passengers

B. Disinfection and sanitization of GSE

  • COVID-19 precautions for 11 Seater Van (transports passengers from the main gate to lounge and back) were applied
  • "Do not sit" markers are placed to ensure adequate social distancing
  • Van to be disinfected (wipe down) after each transfer
  • Wheelchair to be disinfected after each use

C. Disinfection and Sanitization Facilities and Aircraft

  • Heliport lounge
    • Lounge to be disinfected at the end of the day
    • Common touch points (door handles/screens/toilets to be disinfected every hour)
    • Hand sanitizers and Dispensers located throughout the lounge
    • Passengers to sanitize before entry to check in counter and before exiting to airside
  • Aircraft Disinfection
    • Aircraft to be disinfected after each flight (wipe down of seats, handles, headsets)
    • Full interior wipe down during refueling break and once returned to Base
    • Staff trained and procedure in place for disinfection of aircraft
Sharing Basis
AED 940.00
Private Basis
AED 4,347.00
Adult: Above 2 yrs.