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IMG Worlds of Adventure
Dubai, UAE
Opening Hours: Sun - Wed: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Thu - Sat: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai's first mega themed entertainment destination promising visitors from around the world the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one location. Two of the four zones represent renowned global brands Cartoon Network and MARVEL, while IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley - Dinosaur Adventure zones are original concepts created by the IMG Group.

IMG indoor theme park providing the ultimate world of adventure offering the perfect escape from the heat in the indoor setting with a dozen things to do including:


The rides offer an immersive experience for friends and family with their impressive thrills. They are themed on animation brands from Marvel and Cartoon Network. So, if you've never spotted a dinosaur roam the earth, it's your chance! Or, if you've thought about saving the world, you'll get to be the iron man and take his role. It's a truly incredible experience! Below are some of the fun activities to indulge in at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Experience the Paranormal World

Prepare to be creeped out in the haunted hotel. Navigate a maze of corridors and changing scenery as you encounter all sorts of spooky backdrops. Careful what you get yourself into though because finding the exit can prove challenging and nerve wracking! Please note only individuals with 15 years and above are allowed into the haunted hotel.

Join Iron Man

If you're a fan of the iron man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and Hulk, you're in for a treat as you join the avengers team to save the day.

The Spider Man Experience

The one of a kind experience is an opportunity to swing through the city with Marvel's famous web slinger.

Stereoscopic Viewing Experience

Immerse yourself in an epic viewing experience in 3D of one of Hulk's greatest battles. Take your motion seat, sit back and enjoy.

Thor Thunder Spin

The dizzying yet thrilling experience has Marvel's Thor, the Mighty Avenger attempt to rescue you from Loki, the god of mischief.

Fun Race of the Quinjets

Hop onto two-seat Quinjet for a flight with other Quinjets in a fun ride!

The Velociraptor

If you have a stomach for wild thrills, the Velociraptor awaits to blast you off for an adventure that starts from the prehistoric jungles of the lost valley-Dinosaur adventure into the desert of Dubai.


Watch out for predators as you travel through the jungles of the lost valley-Dinosaur adventure on the predator in exhilarating loops and rolls.

Time Travel

The forbidden territory is an amusing display of gigantic dinosaurs roaming the earth. It's a chance to get up close with the terrifying yet amazing creatures the world has ever witnessed. At the Dino carousel, you get to spin with the friendlier inhabitants of the lost valley.

The Adventure Fortress

Learn and implement techniques required to protect the village from dinosaurs of the lost valley in the adventurous playground exploring tunnels, slides, bridges and climbing challenges.

Join Ben 10 in 5D

Get immersed in Ben's world in an epic multi-sensory adventure, ready to battle evil in the pulse-racing action.

Save TownsVille

Join Powerpuff girls and fight Mojo Jojo's evil robot creation that's threatening Townsville city. Get ready to take to the skies alongside Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in the quest to save the world before bedtime.

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

Explore the Cartoon Network World on a journey through the land of O00 with Finn and Jake. It's a varied and vibrant kingdom with encounters with Ice King, a host of princesses and a range of other extraordinary characters.

Visit the Town of Elmore

Your visit to the town of Elmore might save the day from Gumball and Darwin's school science project which has gone out of control and unleashed chaos. Get to compete with friends zapping objects that have come to life and are threatening to take over the town.

Lazy Town

The world of lazy town welcomes you to an interactive adventure full of climbing, adventure and other fun filled experiences. No to mention, if you've got moves, then you might want to learn some dance steps with Stephanie's dance school. But there's still more! Exploring Robbie Rotten's secret lair.

Live Show

The liveshow at lazy town is a blend of music, dancing and acrobatics not to be missed. It's an opportunity to have fun if different levels as well as practice your super hero moves with sportacus.


This is an opportunity to dine and drink with your favorite cartoon network or Marvel characters or better still, watch dinosaurs in their natural habitat as you savour delicious meals with friends and family. Let's take a sneak peak into some of the popular joints.

Above 1.2m height
below 1.2m height
Above 60 years
1 Day Park Admission
AED 245 AED 210AED 200

Guest Reviews

Mohamed F
from Bahrain
I must have used the best booking system in a long A super easy to use system and had my ticket processed instantly. I fell in love with IMG world's of adventure. From the interior, to the attraction to the staff everything there is perfect. The rides are really cool and worthy the enjoyment for families especially if you're a fan of thrill rides. The ticket prices at is worth especially if your kids are over 10yrs. There are excellent food stalls around the park and the kids stayed energized throughout.


Charm P
from Philippines
The park is a fantastic place for family and kids. The park is large with many nice adventures to explore. A lot of nice dining options, shops and the entire area is indoors with wi-fi, clean and nice. We visited during the week and it was not crowded. Our tickets from allowed us to stay for over 7hrs though we had to leave earlier after the kids had enough of the park.


Sami N
from Kuwait
IMG was excellent and we enjoyed a full day there. We got our tickets at in advance and the process was easy and fast. Not to forget, the support team was incredibly helpful in the entire booking process. We arrived on a day that was 44C and being an indoors with AC was nice. Obviously, this is an attraction for kids and there are plenty of rides to enjoy. Rather than loads of rollercoasters, there are a lot attractions like 5D experiences, live shows, which really appeal to children who don't like big rides. They do have a couple of thrill rides though. If you've kids and are looking for something to fill a day, the park is a great choice.


Alexander M
from Kenya
Got a ticket from in an easy, user friendly system at an amazing price to visit over weekday when the queues are reasonable. The rides, loved them all except the haunted hotel. It wasn't really scary just that the makeup was a bit creepy. However, the set was really detailed and nice. The price of foodstuff and merchandise at the stores was unexpectedly reasonable considering we had lots of fun and especially the kids. We're definitely going to visit again.


Maitha A
from United Arab Emirates
Booked the tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush. The whole family was entertained in the super comfortable indoor environment with the craziest of rides. Not much of an adrenaline junkie myself, though my kids are. There are rides for all tastes and for most ages and my kids really enjoyed the thrill. There were also plenty of shows, enjoyed a range of dishes as well as shopped for souvenirs from the stores in the park. Much thanks to the team at for being so helpful in offering guidance while planning for the trip.


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