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At the Top, Burj Khalifa
General Admission
Opening Hours: Daily, 8:30 AM - 11:00 PM

At the Top - Burj Khalifa, the modern architectural and engineering marvel to see the world from such a lofty height. By day and night At the Top provides unparalleled views of Dubai. A standard visit to At the Top lasts approximately 30 minutes, allowing ample time for you to relax and enjoy the Dubai skyline at your leisure. Experience the thrill of a lifetime as high-speed elevators whisk you 124 floors above the ground for an awe-inspiring view from the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck.

360° of Enjoyment

No building in modern history has aroused so much curiosity and intrigue as has Burj Khalifa. Your At The Top, Burj Khalifa visit will answer all your questions. From your vantage point on level 124 of the world's tallest building, Your At The Top, Burj Khalifa visit begins in the reception area on the lower ground level of The Dubai Mall. Here and throughout your journey, you will be entertained and informed by a multi-media presentation that chronicles Dubai's exotic history and the fascinating story of Burj Khalifa.

Leave the reception area aboard the 65-metre-long travelator on a trip that transports you through time, from the earliest days of Dubai to the present. Pause briefly at a unique viewing point for your first close-up view of the soaring Burj Khalifa, seen through a skylight framing its awe-inspiring height.

Begin your vertical ascent to the observation deck in a high-speed elevator, travelling at 10 metres per second. As the doors open, floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide a breath-taking unobstructed 360-degree view of the city, desert and ocean. By night, sparkling lights and stars compete for your attention.

Special telescopes provide virtual time-travel visions of the scenes beyond and below. You'll see close-up real-time views as well as the past and the future, by day and by night. You can also walk the entire perimeter for the most comprehensive views. If you wish, adventure outside onto the open-air terrace to enjoy another perspective of the sweeping views below.

A visit to At the top, Burj Khalifa is an unforgettable lifetime experience you don't want to miss out on if you're visiting Dubai.

Average Visit Time

The average time it takes to enjoy At the Top is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes however you are welcome to take your time. Please note that the average visit time may extend according during peak seasons and sunset times. Guests of At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY can stay at level 148 for up to 30 minutes to continue the journey to level 125, where they can stay as long as they prefer.

Sunset Visits

For visitors to level 124 who wish to view the sunset, we would recommend booking an entry time approximately 90 minutes prior.

Inclement Weather

For your safety, the outdoor terrace may need to close during severe weather conditions. Refunds and rain checks are not offered for inclement weather.

Baggage and Stroller Storage

For the comfort and security of all guests, visitors are required to store their shopping bags and strollers in the Check Room located near the At the Top entrance. Your belongings can be picked up when exiting the attraction.

Audio Guided Tours

Visitors to At the Top, Burj Khalifa can rent the smart audio device with headphones to enjoy the fascinating story of the engineering and architectural marvel. The tours are also available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and German. Young guests between 8-12 years of age, have an option of a special children's audio tour. Now available at an introductory price of AED 25, the Audio Guided Tour can be obtained from the ticket counter.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY visitors can enjoy the guided tours by a Guest Ambassador.


You can now stay connected with a dedicated Wi-Fi coverage available throughout the attraction, with our compliments.

Photo Kiosks

Dedicated photo kiosks allow our visitors to capture their memorable moments at At the Top, Burj Khalifa in a unique style. Using the green screen technology, our team of photographers create beautiful backdrops illustrating the Burj Khalifa external facade or striking views of the city. The photo kiosks also offer printing of pictures on a range of merchandise making an ideal At the Top, Burj Khalifa memorabilia.

Lost Children

If your child becomes separated from your group, contact the nearest At the Top Guest Ambassador. Before you enter the attraction tell your children to contact the nearest At the Top Guest Ambassador for assistance if they become separated from you during the tour.

Lost & Found

Should you lose belongings or find lost items, please contact the nearest staff member or go to the Check Room area. We regret that At The Top cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


The entire At the Top experience is wheelchair accessible. Working service animals for the disabled are allowed on the tour, however other pets are not permitted. There are currently no accommodations for the hearing or sight impaired.

Prohibited Items

For the protection of our guests and the facility, the following items are not permitted at any time:

TIME SLOT ADULT (12 years+) CHILD (4 - 12 years)
08:00 AM
AED 125 AED 95
08:30 AM
AED 125 AED 95
09:00 AM
AED 125 AED 95
09:30 AM
AED 125 AED 95
10:00 AM
AED 125 AED 95
10:30 AM
AED 125 AED 95
11:00 AM
AED 125 AED 95
11:30 AM
AED 125 AED 95
12:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
12:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
01:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
01:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
02:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
02:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
03:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
03:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
04:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
04:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
05:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
05:30 PM
AED 200 AED 185
06:00 PM
AED 200 AED 185
06:30 PM
AED 200 AED 185
07:00 PM
AED 200 AED 185
07:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
08:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
08:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
09:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
09:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
10:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
10:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95
11:00 PM
AED 125 AED 95
11:30 PM
AED 125 AED 95

Note: Children under 4 years of age is free of cost.

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