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Fly Boarding

Dubai Water Sports
From AED 530 477

You ever dreamed to fly like a bird?? Yes, you can!!! Come and experience the unforgettable fly board event

Try the FLY BOARD craze that is sweeping the nation! With a water-jet powered board attached to your feet you can soar above the water and dive under it like a dolphin. Instructors will show you that by just simply moving of your feet, and a little balance you too can be like Iron man or Astro boy! We will talk to you the whole way via HEADZONE communication helmets to keep you flying like a hero.


  • You must know how to swim.
  • Valid for ages 15 and above (parent or legal guardian must accompany individuals under 18)
  • You must be physically fit. Weight: minimum of 100 lbs and maximum of 300 lbs (45 - 135 Kg)
  • Passengers must present a valid Photo ID for coastguard policy.
20 minutes ride
AED 477.00
Adult: Above 14 yrs., Child: Not Allowed