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Laguna Waterpark

La Mer, Dubai
Opening Hours: Sun - Sat: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
From AED 175

Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Water Park-Dubai is the newest waterfront area of the La Mer beach in Dubai that has pretty much captured everyone's heart. Having opened right before summer, you all better look forward to beating the heat in the four zoned water park beaming with 6 flumes, slides and a whole lot of wet fun.

The water park features 4 distinctive zones: Surf Zone, Lounging and relaxing area, Splash area for kids and Slides Area

Major attractions include:

  • Wave Oz 180 FlowRider-surf club
  • A water slide tower complex featuring five different water slides
  • Splash Pad ideal for children ages four and below
  • Aqua play area for children ages 5 years and above. It features sa tipping bucket that uses between 3,000-3,800 litres of water per splash
  • A 200m lazy river

The rides at the Manta family raft ride includes:

  • The constrictor
  • The loop
  • The aqua drop free fall
  • Mad Racer

To Dos Laguna Water Park

Think you can conquer the dark? Hop on the constrictor tube that takes you on adventure in a dark tunnel with steep turns and mind blowing optical illusions. Up to the challenge? We promise you'll be left asking for more.

  • High intensity
  • Best suited for thrill seekers
  • Participants must at least be 1.2 m and above
Free Fall

Adventure seekers you're in for a huge treat on the free fall slide. The glass capsule sky box awaits for an out of this world thrill as you suave your way in the tube before the floor below drops taking you on a heart pounding free fall journey right into the splashdown lane below.

  • Best suited for the brave
  • High thrill
  • Participants must be 1.2 m height
Mad Racer

Some of us love competition or don't we? The dueling mad racer slide races you down side to side with a family or friend. Concur the exhilarating bumps and turns for that first position at the finish line. Check mate! ;)

  • Suited for BFFs, couples, crush, family etc ;)
  • High thrill
  • Participants must be 1.2m height
The Loop

The ultimate crowd's favorite! Welcome to the Aqua Launch capsule ready to loop your way in the translucent tube all the way until you splashdown.

  • Lots of surprises and excitement along the way
  • Medium thrill
  • Participants must be 1.2 m
Wave Oz Flowrider

The one of only three Flowriders in the world gives guests an indulging surfing experience. The 180 degree ride spans upto 187 feet wall-wall making it a prime spot to carve the waves.

  • It can accomodate 3-4 surfers or body boarders simultaneously
  • Get to experience one of the world's largest and super exciting boarding experiences
  • High thrill
  • Participants must be 1.2 m
Splash Pad

The area is dedicated to serving some serious fun to tots and younger kids. Features a range of fun elements among them:

  • Splash pools
  • Squirting water & more
  • Best suited for tots and small children
  • Guarantees hours of wet fun
  • Parents can watch out on the kiddos on the clear sight lines
The Infinity Pool

Perfectly situated near and accessible to North beach and Arabian gulf, you'll sure taste the salt, beaming sun rays and enjoy the relaxed pool.

  • A beautiful edge pool and lounge for a chill out
  • Medium thrill
  • No min height requirement

Designed for fun and thrills with family and friends, hop inside the circular raft and get set for incredible twists and turns that leads you into a massive manta wing and finally splash your way into the pool below.

  • Can accommodate 3-4 people
  • High thrill
  • Min height requirement-2 m
Lazy River

Meant for enjoyment by the entire family. Warning: Loads of surprises on the way ;)

  • Medium thrill
  • No minimum height requirement
Food & Beverages

Not to worry how to refuel after a day packed with activity! Laguna waterpark got you covered in its top diner and cafes.

  • Look out for surf club for chill out
  • Proceed to dine on the rooftop balcony
  • No min height requirement

Overlooking the ocean are cabanas offering a perfect way to unwind after the thrills. Enjoy refreshments while here in the comfort of your sun lounger.

  • Each cabana features 4 luxury loungers
  • Private safe box
  • Complimentary beverage
  • Beach towels
  • No min height requirement
Aqua Play

Ideal for young adventurers, Aqua Play features a bunch water slides and a giant soaker bucket. Plenty of fun for kids and parents too right here ;)

  • Ideal for children & parents
  • No minimum height requirement
Facts Laguna Water Park
  • The water park is located in Dubai's coolest beachfront La Mer
  • The water park operates everyday from 10am till dusk
  • The water park's architecture is mainly inspired by La Boca-A colorful neighbourhood in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires
  • The architecture is aimed at evoking a relaxed atmosphere that instills visitors have fun and let loose
  • The water park is ideal for a laidback afternoon all the way to an activity filled weekend. Simply put-There's something for thrill seekers and chill seekers alike.
  • The car park at La Mer features upto 1100 parking spaces including the underground parking.

As you can already see, Laguna water park is not your typical water park with just rides and slides. You can dine, shop till you drop too or just window shop.

Day Pass
AED 175.00
AED 145.00
Adult: Above 12 yrs, Child: 2 - 12 yrs, Infant: Below 2 yrs